Man arrested for alleged gender violence in Almuñecar


Almuñecar Local Police have arrested a 30-year-old man with the initials FJGF for several alleged acts of gender violence.

The incidents occurred close to the Local Police station. On Sunday December 27, the woman appeared in the station, crying and distressed, with an injury on her neck and another on her right eyebrow. 

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She said that on Saturday December 26, she had been assaulted in a car park and went to place the report, when the man attacked her again in the same car park the next day.

The police asked the woman of the whereabouts of the man, and she told them that he was outside the police station sitting on a bench.

The police went out and proceeded to arrest the man, and then handed him over to judicial authorities.

The woman had previously had a restraining order against the man which had expired on December 11. 

Another woman currently has a restraining order against the same man.


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