Roman tower regains its former magnificence

FUNERARY TOWER: Once part of a normal building.

AN article in Lucentum, an Alicante University science journal, sheds more light on Villajoyosa’s San Jose tower.

The Second Century monument marks one of the most important private burial grounds in Roman Spain, experts say.  Now reconstructed, it can be seen as its builders intended after centuries as part of a normal dwelling.

Archaeologist Ana Maria Charquero and Diego Ruiz Alcalde – resident archaeologist at Villajoyosa’s Vilamuseu – established that the precinct was reached via a turning off the principal road into the town the Romans called Allon.


The person buried there was likely to have been a person of some importance and the owner of a rural villa east of Villajoyosa. 

They clearly chose to be buried on their own land, rather than in one of the public cemeteries that have been excavated on the outskirts of the town, the archaeologists said.


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