Guardia Civil discover large amounts of cocaine in Valencia

Officers searching one of the suspect containers.

WORKING with the National Police and Tax Agency, officers of the Guardia Civil helped to seize 176 packages containing nearly 100 kilos of cocaine from four containers shipped from the Dominican Republic to Valencia.

The investigation began when agents learned of the existence of an organization which arranged for the transportation of narcotics to Spain in specially constructed containers in which the drugs could be hidden from detection. Following investigation, officers discovered that there were several companies involved in importing these suspect containers from South America

Officers then discovered details of the shipment of four containers to one of the suspect companies from the Dominican Republic and were able to seize and search the containers upon their arrival at the port of Valencia. They discovered a number of packets of cocaine each weighing half a kilo sealed within the door sills of each of the containers.


The team then travelled to a warehouse in the town of Toledo Olías del Rey where the containers were due to be sent and arrested six men, four of whom are Spanish and the other two Moroccan.

Those arrested included a man whose name was connected with a number of the companies importing containers from South America and he is considered to be the ringleader of the operation.


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