Budget concerns in San Fulgencio

FIGURES UNKNOWN: San Fulgencio 2016 budget called ‘laughable’ at town hall plenary meeting.

AN extraordinary plenary council meeting at San Fulgencio Town Hall to approve the 2016 budget revealed some major concerns for opposition party PIPN.

President of PIPN and councillor, Samantha Hull, asked: “Can you give me a total figure for the monies available to you for each of your relevant departments?” The answer was no. Not one of the councillors could answer this question and give a total for their departments. 

Councillor Hull said: “We are talking about the serious matter of the 2016 municipal budget, which is the most important thing that is approved in the municipalities, and ours is laughable.”


The only member of the PP government team who could give a figure was Councillor Borja Alonso. Although he could not give a figure for each of his departments, he could state that he had a budget of €3,000 for tourism and €22,500 for youth. He said this €22,500 was for the Rock Fiesta and added that €18,000 had also been earmarked for a Youth Information Point in San Fulgencio village.

When Councillor Hull asked if ‘even one euro’ had been put aside for the youth on the urbanisations, she was told that they had the Rock Fiesta and whatever was offered to them in their schools. Hull then stated that the PIPN think that this is complete discrimination as the youth of the urbanisations are not considered to be of any importance to the PP government team.

When she asked Councillor Alonso if he thought it was a disgrace that a designated tourist area with its own tourist information office is only to be given €3,000, he stated that no he did not. Councillor Hull said: “The PIPN feels that this is an absurd amount of money and that much more needs to be done to attract tourists and property buyers to the area.” 

She declared: “More and more, the Partido Popular Party (PP) are showing the people of the urbanisations of San Fulgencio that they are out of sight, out of mind and are of no importance.” 

Councillor Hull added: “They have approved budgets with the votes of PP and UpyD. Our party will not approve lying to the citizens of San Fulgencio. They say they have reduced the debts in the last four years of being in power but they do not admit that the PP has asked for credits from the banks for a value of more than €9,000,000. 

“Indeed, the mayor, Carlos Ramirez, has stated in the press that we are the first municipality to approve the budget, when in October of this year, the 2015 budget was approved. 

“The town hall accountant was paid extra hours to finish the budget before the general elections only so that his party at provincial level can give him a pat on the back. Not because the budget is important to the people at municipal level. 

“He will always put his personal interests before those of the people of San Fulgencio.” 


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