Animal sanctuary likes money but needs food

Fake vet convicted in Palma for treating horses with metal spikes
Fake vet convicted in Palma for treating horses with metal spikes

THE CYD Santa Maria horse and animal refuge situated in Coin is desperate for donations to help it feed the 60 horses and 90 other animals that it looks after. 

Whilst money is clearly welcome, the most important thing is to obtain special feed for all of the animals which apart from horses include cats and dogs as well as birds, ferrets and terrapins.

The organisation has now been running for over 10 years and exists completely on the help of volunteers and donations in its fight to try to care for and rehabilitate animals which may have been mistreated by humans.


Throughout the year the Association targets young people with the aim of educating them as to the role that animals should be allowed to play in the world and how they deserve to be treated with respect and loved.

Although the refuge may only be visited by appointment, it is always looking for news of poorly treated animals and for assistance in looking after them. For more information and to offer donations of suitable animal feed including hay and alfalfa please visit their website at where a complete list of their activities and contact numbers may be found.


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