Supermarket sales grow by 8 per cent

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SALES have grown by 8 per cent on average in the first half of December in supermarkets in the Valencia Region. 

Stores linked to the National Association of Large Distribution Companies (ANGED) expected to receive 750,000 customers in their stores last weekend. 

The association has pointed out that the first part of the Christmas campaign “is being addressed with a degree of satisfaction” in big Valencian stores thanks to “good prices, payment facilities and quality assurance.” 


The association said that as a result, stores were receiving a significant consumer response, “providing good flow of data and sales.” 

In the first two weeks of December, sales grew by an average of 8 per cent compared to the same period last year. 

Sunday, December 20, the third festive Sunday in December, when most of the big supermarkets opened, was expected to be a bumper day with positive results for the stores in groceries and gifts. 

ANGED spokesman in Valencia, Antonia Lopez-Pena, said: “Consumer demand is further progressing this Christmas season. 

“Every time we open on bank holidays the public responds. 

“Also this year, there has been a greater degree of consumer optimism recovering consumption volumes closer to  those experienced in 2006.” 


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