Podemos condemn PP

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Pablo Iglesias, Podemos party.

AS ANTICIPATED Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias has officially declared the anti-austerity party’s refusal to support the Popular Party of Prime Minister Rajoy in an upcoming vote on whether the PP will lead the country following last week’s elections.

At a press conference on Monday December 28, Iglesias was categorical in his position stating “Pedro Sanchez (leader of the Socialist PSOE) needed 20 minutes to say ‘no’ to Rajoy. I needed two”, he then added “There is no way we are going to let the Popular Party govern.”

He also criticised the PSOE arguing that it was damaged after “the worst result in its history” and was now engaged in “theatre” over their coalition positioning. Including fellow emergent party Ciudadanos in his biting critique, Iglesias continued “There is an immoveable block of three parties that repeat old arguments and ignores inequality and corruption.”


Podemos’ chief priority was to ensure that Spaniards were not adversely affected by the stalemate in Congress and that parliament begin to function as soon as possible. 

Announcing that the party will introduce a new social emergencies bill he continued “This is no time for armchair talk, but for Spain and the problems of citizens. While some talk about who is to preside over the Congress, or other matters that do not interest the Spanish people, we see it as unacceptable that there are people without light or heat, or women living with abuse, and pensioners who cannot afford their drugs,”


  1. About time some one came out with the true facts
    One has to decide food or heat
    Prescriptions are a rip off.
    We both are supposed to pay 8.33 a month . chemist keeps telling me that.
    Conveniently she didn’t give me the receipt for 15th Dec and the two receipts I have prove me overcharged
    with out the money charged before I have now paid 4.28 over


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