Member of Mallorca’s jet set sentenced to seven years in prison

SC / YouTube - © laSexta

PERHAPS the court’s sentence of seven years will allow 25-year-old Luis Rodriguez Toubes time to consider the error of his ways and look towards a more productive future.  

The young man, part of Mallorca’s jet set, whose circle of friends allegedly includes members of the Spanish royal family, was last week convicted for cheating a couple from Llucmayor out of €38 million. The prosecution had asked for four years whilst the cheated couple’s lawyers had asked for eight years.

The couple claimed that Toubes had persuaded them to sign over 15 properties, assuring them that he would return them, something he never did. Toubes claimed that the childless couple wanted him to have them.  

All the property deeds were nullified by the courts and he will have to pay a €389,154 liability sum as well as a fine of €11,340.

Surprisingly the mother of the accused was aware of her son’s dealings as she had granted him power of attorney to act in her name. She will have to respond to the amount charged.  

The other person in the dock with Toubes, an architect, was found guilty of money laundering and sentenced to six months in prison and a fine of €240,000 for having bought one of the properties.

This is not the first time that Toubes has appeared before the courts. In 2012, aged just 22, he was accused of stealing jewels from a friend worth €120,000 as well as owing her €17,000.  

A year later, he was denounced for more debts and more jewellery thefts from friends. 

His shopping habits also got him into trouble when he was allowed to take €600,000 worth of jewellery, leaving a promissory note in payment, which was not covered when the shop went to cash it in.

Laureano Arquero, lawyer for Toubes, will appeal the sentence to the Supreme Court.


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