It just keeps on raining as floods move south

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THE historic city of York was the latest to be struck by flooding following torrential rain with hundreds of people being evacuated as six severe flood warnings were in place across the city after the Rivers Foss and Ouse burst their banks.

Up to 3,500 properties in the city are at risk and between 300 and 400 people are being evacuated whilst a number of people near the River Foss are thought to be trapped in their homes, although the waters are now thought to have reached their zenith.

After York, the flooding also struck Leeds and Greater Manchester and, although the forecasts expect the next few days to be drier, there is every likelihood that the rains will return before New Year’s Day.


The Prime Minister, David Cameron, intends to visit some of the worst affected areas and has promised that over £2 billion (€2.8 billion) will be put towards new flood defences in threatened areas, although critics have suggested that now would be the right time to review the overseas aid budget which is about fifty times greater.

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