Blessing needed for large parties

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REGULATIONS: Seek to guarantee the safety and rights of attendees at parties and concerts.

THE 103 town councils across Malaga Province will have to inform the Delegation of the Government of the Junta of Andalucia of any large parties they organise to ensure that they comply with the required security measures. 

The Junta has reminded the councils of the necessity to put the correct controls in place before the Christmas and New Year parties, with inspections likely. 

Parties and concerts are particular events where the regulations will seek to guarantee the safety and rights of the people attending. 


The delegate of the Andalucian Government, Jose Ruiz Espejo, indicated in a press conference that the Services of Games and Public Spectacles will work with the Unit of the National Body of Police to carry out inspections of recreational establishments like discos, pubs and bars. 

The organisers of these events have to obtain the required administrative authorisations from the town councils in advance to comply with all of the requirements of security taken into account in the regulations of Public Spectacles.

Two types of circumstance are accounted for. On the one hand, those events celebrated in recreational establishments that regularly host other types of activities (such as bars), already have authorisation in which they regulate aspects including capacity. 

On the other hand, spaces which have different uses, like a ship, and which hope to use the premises exceptionally to host a party or a concert, must order a licence before the event. 

In both cases, the town councils are the appropriate people to award licences according to the current legislation.



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