Residents say yes to terraces on the Born

PASEO DEL BORN: Issue regarding terraces has finally been settled.

PALMA residents have wholeheartedly given their opinion on whether the Paseo del Born should allow bars and restaurants to set up their terraces there.

The question ‘Do you want terraces in the Born?’ was put forward by the Palma Town Council as part of their promise to consult and to listen to their citizens. 

The questionnaire was made available to all citizens and 11,869 responded with a resounding yes, settling the issue once and for all. The number opposing the move was 2,854.


The second question posed was where the terraces should be situated, if allowed, and choices were given as to whether in the middle or to the sides of the Born. 

Having the terraces in the middle of the walkway gathered 8,410 votes against 2,204 votes for the sides.

A total of 15,655 people took the time to fill in the questionnaire, although 932 votes were disqualified as people had answered only one of the two questions instead of both as required.


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