Improvement project starts on playground

PARK WORKS: Mayor and councillors visit site in Campoamor.

ORIHUELA’S Mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, has been on the Orihuela Costa to visit the works taking place at Campoamor playground.

He was joined by Councillor Sofia Alvarez as they assessed the work to be carried out, which includes expansion of the playground and street lighting, installation of safety rubber flooring and extending the entrance to allow easy access for maintenance vehicles. 

Alvarez said the work will also include painting the fences and renewing the current wooden pergola. It is expected to be completed within 60 days.


Mayor Bascuñana said the work “has been carried out thanks to the efforts of Councillor for Infrastructure, Sofia Alvarez,” adding: “We continue to work with projects like this for neighbours and coastal residents to have the installations and services they deserve, because that is our commitment to them.”

The improvement works are part of “a budget of the Department of Infrastructure that we managed to get ahead,” amounting to €55,000. 

Councillor Alvarez also declared that the result “will be successful because we will have a park overlooking the sea in optimal conditions.”


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