No Christmas cheer in parts of Cumbria and Lancashire

Bob Embleton Wikimedia

IT JUST won’t stop raining in certain parts of northern Britain and in England, another seven severe flood warnings (meaning there is a danger to life) have been issued whilst yet more flooding is expected around the River Ribble, River Calder and River Wyre in Lancashire.

More than 200 flood warnings are in place in England and Wales following heavy rain which is forecast to continue on Boxing Day.

According to the Environment Agency certain parts of the North could see as much rainfall over a few days as they would expect to see in the whole of the month of December and saturated ground cannot simply soak this level of rainfall up.


The problem isn’t just concentrated on England as the Scottish Environment Protection Agency has issued 11 flood warnings, in the Scottish borders and Tayside areas, and five flood alerts.

On Christmas Day the Army was called in to support efforts to protect parts of Cumbria against further flooding and the government’s emergency Cobra committee also met to discuss the situation.

Portable flood barriers have been moved to Cumbria but the problem is so severe that they are unlikely to save thousands of properties from further damage.



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