Curtains are still down for theatre

THEATRE: Council said that the figures don’t add up.

LAST Friday Inca Town Council met with Dragados, the company responsible for the reform of the Teatro Principal, to inform them of the decision to revoke the contract and reclaim the €2.5 million of European funds already lost, due to work being stopped by the company over a year ago.

The Mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno,  requested a meeting with the board of the theatre’s foundation, to discuss the €280,000 difference between what the company was paid, and what the council said doesn’t add up.

The decision to tackle this issue is due to the legal report being made available, in which the company Dragados is responsible for the works on the theatre being abandoned in November 2014.  


The foundation will claim for damages against the company and most probably see the case brought before the courts.  At such a time, bids will be put out to find a new company to complete the work on the theatre in due course.



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