Model has been awarded €50,000 in compensation

ADVERT: The judge ruled it violated the model’s honour and damaged her reputation.

A WOMAN has been sentenced to pay compensation to another after using her photographs to offer her services as a prostitute. 

In 2008, a model, aged 20 at the time, went to a photographer after appearing on a national TV programme as she wanted to further her career.

It was agreed that she would only pay the photographer for the equipment and materials. 


She took photos of the model clothed and wearing just underwear, but the model was not happy with them and said she was not going to pay. The photographer responded by saying that she had reported her and would ‘take her down.’

The following day, the model began to receive calls from men who wanted to meet her and discovered that her photos had been used in an advert on a website for sexual contacts.

It used sexually explicit and degrading language, and said  she was a prostitute. 

Police discovered the advert had been placed from Ibiza, where one of the photographer’s neighbours was located.

The judge ruled there is evidence the photographer created the advert, and that it violated the model’s honour and damaged her reputation. 

The case was dealt with in civil court and resulted in her being awarded €50,000 in compensation. 


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