Costa del Sol bids for more Spanish tourists

Photo by Robbie jim, wikipedia
REBRAND: The Costa del Sol as a destination of choice for Spanish people.

MORE than 5.5 million people will be targeted by an innovative campaign launched by the Costa del Sol tourism board in an extravagant attempt to attract more Spanish people to visit the region, especially over Christmas. 

Flyers, posters, information guides and advertisements will spread like wildfire across the marquee areas of Madrid, Barcelona, and Bilbao in an audacious bid to rebrand the Costa del Sol as a destination of choice for Spanish people looking for a quick getaway. 

Even the Christmas tree in the famous Atocha station in Madrid will be adorned with placards glorifying the virtues of Spain’s southern beauty. 


Air travellers in particular will be targeted with the Costa del Sol making its mark on the back of domestic boarding passes. Around 100,000 boarding passes will bear the legend of the Costa del Sol in a none too subtle piece of classic psychological trickery. 

President of Costa del Sol Tourism, Elias Bendodo, said: “It’s a high-impact action that invites you to live different experiences in the destination during the Christmas season.” 



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