A Christmas message from the EWN directors


We only have what we give – Isabel Allende

A WONDERFUL thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like the British rain, and we all go through it together. This year the EWN family implores you to remember that word. Together. We urge you to help us bring back the true meaning of Christmas – the spirit of giving, not getting. Let us abandon meaningless materialism, rekindle the flame of charity in our hearts, and remember that without community, we can never speak of character. 

This is why this Christmas, as part of the Euro Weekly News 2016 Giving While Living campaign we will be donating to a wide variety of worthy causes on behalf of you, our readers. We believe that these different charities do such invaluable work in their local communities that through them, together, we can make a lasting difference. 


We will be kicking off our campaign with a thousand euro donation to the Asociacion de Padres Serrania de Churriana who assist parents of disabled children, working especially hard at this emotional time of year. We will be donating to Make a Smile to help with their invaluable assistance to orphaned and suffering children; MABS, one of the leading charities in Spain dedicated to supporting those with cancer; Sam Bayley who has done incredible work for those with mental health issues; MACS who support and raise funds for medical treatment for people with cancer and related problems; and Palma Pictures who have produced a wonderful short film to help raise money for food-banks. 

A donation will be made to 3C’s Care Agency, an agency devoted to helping senior members of the community in their time of need. On a personal note we will also provide help to a family in Axarquia, where the children unexpectedly lost their father in February. We stress that all of these charities and endeavours are fully transparent and we know with certainty that any money or goods provided will go straight to those in need.

These donations are spread across all six of the areas where EWN is distributed, providing you, the readers, with the only national paper with six local editions written by expats for the expat community.

Christmas is the time of year we can be truly human, it is a tonic for the soul, a state of mind. This Christmas we urge you to remember the forgotten, the lonely, the lost, and the hungry. Take round some food for a neighbour you know may be having an especially tough time of it this year. Wake up early and lend a helping hand at one of the many soup kitchens which are the anchors keeping many afloat. Be a friend in need, a shoulder to cry on, a consoling voice amid all the fanfare and noise. Remember that you too have felt the pangs of despair, and that someone close to you will be feeling them now. 

Remember that we came to Spain because we wanted to do things differently, so let’s be different this Christmas and renew our faith in our community for we are only as strong as the weakest among us. 

Therefore with all this in mind, we would humbly like to offer our sincerest wishes to all of our readers, and our valued clients, without you none of this would be possible. 

A Very Merry Christmas from everyone at the EWN family xx



  1. Dear Michel,

    I would like to thank you once again for your generous gesture of donating €250 through your Giving While Living campaign. Your contribution allowed us to obtain 210 dozen, that is 2,520, eggs to give to the Los Caputxins food bank for distribution!!!!

    A million thanks, a huge hug and a very happy New Year!!


    Estimado Michel,

    De nuevo quisiera agradeceros el amable gesto que habéis tenido en donar los €250 gracias a vuestra campaña Giving while Living.

    Aquí el alcance de vuestra aportación han sido 210 docenas o sea 2,520 huevos a repartir en el banco de alimentos de Los Caputxins!!!!

    Un millón de gracias, un gran abrazo y un muy feliz año nuevo!!

  2. “THANK YOU Euro Weekly News for the generous donation of 250€ for the MACS Group. MACS provides help, care and support for people with cancer related disorders.

    Having the opportunity to talk to someone in a similar situation can be a great comfort to patients, particularly those feeling lonely or isolated. The Supporters are on hand to help with hospital visits, organise translations of hospitals papers, assist with shopping and are ready to offer care, help and support where needed. The Group has access to professionally qualified carers.

    MACS is a registered charity and as such, are totally dependent upon external support/donations and also the commitment of our volunteers. The group is raising much needed funds for the immediate and future medical requirements of patients.

    We are honoured to include details of your donation on our Website – to view this entry please visit http://www.macscancersupport.com/donations.php Once again, your support is very much appreciated.

    On behalf of The Macs Committee
    Elaine K Brown
    President & Founder

  3. Dear Michel,

    It’s people like you who allow us to do what we do.

    This is a wonderful donation, thank you very much. We were hoping to be able to do some events and outings for the children over the Christmas period as they all get stuck in the homes and get quite board….so STAR WARS here we come – the kids will love it! Brilliant! We also put in food and goodies so they don’t miss out.

    The Bags For Christmas Appeal has done very well again this year and we have given the homes new pjs, slippers underwear and loads of presents – we also have quite a bit of gels, shampoo and toothbrushes etc. for the homes.

    We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2016.

    With loads of love,

    Tony & Lucy
    Make A Smile


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