Patrols will protect consumers and stores this Christmas

MORE OFFICERS: Glorieta Gabriel Miro will have more police during the busy shopping times.

EXTRA police will be operating around the shopping districts of Orihuela during the festive period.

Councillor for Citizen Security, Mariola Rocamora, said the extra patrols are part of the ‘Trade Insurance Plan’, with the National Police working in collaboration with the Local Police of Orihuela.

Rocamora emphasised that the goal of this campaign is to ‘ensure the safety of customers and traders during this time, and that the purchases are made with absolute normality,’ because in this way ‘we prevent theft, pickpocketing and shoplifting.’


The councillor, who was accompanied by the head of the National Police, Luis Lombarte and chief steward of Local Police, Jose Maria Pomares, also presented an information leaflet, which contains recommendations and security measures aimed at establishing “how to act in case a crime occurs,” said Lombarte.

Pomares, meanwhile, said: “We will increase the amount of foot patrols in the busiest commercial areas, which will be reinforced by motorised patrols and vehicles, in the mornings and afternoons during business hours.”

Agents of the National Police will focus on Glorieta Gabriel Miro, Avenida Teodomiro and Duque de Tamames, with the Local Police concentrating on Calle San Pascual, Calle Mayor, Avenida de España and Ociopia.



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