Cannabis greenhouse found in property

INDOOR GREENHOUSE: Thirty quite large plants were discovered.

A MAN, 38, was arrested in Nijar for allegedly growing marihuana and illegally connecting to the electricity supply. 

Guardia Civil from Garrucha patrolling Tahal noticed a strong smell of marihuana coming from a house where they suspected drugs were being grown. 

Once they had located the house, Guardia Civil identified the owner and set up surveillance in the area, which helped them to observe a constant use of lights, extractor fans, ventilators and other machinery used in indoor cannabis plantations.


They requested an order to enter and search the property, where 30 quite large plants were found, as well as fertiliser, chemical products, lighting, temperature and water systems.

During the search, they also found that the man had illegally connected to the electrical supply due to the high costs of energy needed for the systems which were being used. 

More than 7.2 kilos of marihuana in different phases was seized.  



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