Zip-wire venture for Casares tourism

ZIP WIRE: As well as being a tourist attraction, will provide employment for local youths.

THE rural and adventure holiday boom has encouraged Casares Council to think up ways in which to attract this new type of tourism to the village.

To that end, municipal sources have said the council plans to build a 300 metre zip wire in the town. If so, this would make it one of the longest in Spain.

The cost of the venture is included in the 2016 budget, and would be eligible to receive grants from the Tourism Board.


The project has a budget of €36,125, and would include construction of two platforms, one at each end, access areas and three steel cables, two for the zip wire, and another with flags to increase visibility and avoid accidents with local birdlife.

Mayor Pepe Carrasco and Tourism councillor Rocio Ruiz announced at a meeting with technicians from the Culture Department: “The town hall is currently studying where to put the zip wire, although it intends to keep it as close as possible to the historical centre.”

Along with being a tourist attraction, they said, it will provide employment in both the construction stage, and once up and running, helping local youths out.


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