New Italian Evo 43 speedboat reminiscent of Star Wars

Photo courtesy of Blue Martin.
EVO 43: Its expandable wings add 40 per cent to the overall surface area.

THE pilot house is raised to give good panoramic visibility around the entire vessel

ITALIAN manufacturer Blue Martin and marine design studio Tecnico Rivelini have co-operated to produce a spectacular new speedboat which, with its expandable wings adding 40 per cent to the overall surface area, creates a futuristic vessel reminiscent of space craft featured in the Star Wars movies.

This particular model flies through water rather than space, but it is remarkably fast, reaching speeds of up to 38 knots from two 320kW Volvo engines yet weighing far less than would be expected for a vessel of this size and performance.

The Italian luxury boat brand’s new 42ft offering will cost around $750,000 (€685,000). At its maximum, the deck measures 269 square feet and features built-in deckchairs and a diving platform. The downstairs double cabin with wardrobe, bathroom, and dining area are fully accessible regardless of what is happening on deck.


If George Lucas ever wants to take to the water, then this is possibly the right machine for him.


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