Humanists of Murcia take last walk of the year

DECEMBER WALK: Humanists of Murcia had last outing of the year.

THE Humanists of Murcia’s last walk of the year took the group from Jarravia, through the countryside just above the railway line from Aguilas, to Lorca.  

They passed an old ruin, which had been used by the stationmaster. The railway had been a British project built in the 19th century and the line has not long been reopened after major repairs following the ‘gota fria’ of 2013. 

Walkers waved as the 10.30am express from Lorca passed through but there did not seem to be any passengers on board.


The walkers followed the path around a hill with interesting sights along the way, including an electricity sub-station, lots of pylons, many not connected, and a sewerage works (complete with bad smell).

 A 303 bullet was found and the military people amongst the group believed it dated back to a Civil War massacre when the Nationalists shot 15 Republican soldiers who had been captured. It was in retaliation for the bombing of Aguilas by Italian planes when 200 people were killed.

The return path passed by some impressive villas before lunch was served at Meson Pepa.

The next walk will be in January, to the Blue Lagoon.

The Humanists of Murcia Discussion Group Meeting has also been held at Bar El Puente in La Majada. It was also a farewell party for its leader Paul Jauregui, who with his wife Rose, is heading back to the UK. Trevor Jordan was welcomed as the new leader of the group as Paul and Rose drove off into the sunset with tears in their eyes.

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