Two held for death in Benalmadena


TWO Spanish men have been arrested for their presumed involvement in a fight in Benalmadena that ended in a third man’s death. Forty-four-year-old Jesus MR died after being stabbed in the abdomen in Plaza de Ibensa.

The victim had been involved in an argument along with three other men when one of the men allegedly attacked him with a knife. The fight is believed to have been over a woman that the four men had met earlier that same night in a nearby bar. 

Police officers went to the scene and found Jesus MR badly injured and accompanied by a friend. 


The police immediately advised the emergency services, who tried to stabilise the injury and took the victim to A&E but an hour-and-a-half later, doctors confirmed that the man had died.

The following day the police arrested two men, both between 40 and 45 years old, for their presumed involvement in the fight and subsequent death. 


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