Lottery ticket sales up for annual ‘fat one’

© Hirian Aldizkaria / Flickr
EL GORDO: Draw will have a prize fund of €2.24 billion.

SALES of Christmas lottery tickets in Almeria have risen compared to last year.

Spain’s most awaited lottery draw, El Gordo, held every year on December 22, will have a total €2.24 billion in prize money. A single ticket could win €400,000, and the first prize is valued at €640 million.

The Territorial Delegate for State Lotteries and Betting in Almeria, Joaquin Cabrera, says that although figures won’t be released until the last day of ticket sales, there are definitely more selling, possibly because this year’s advertising campaign has been very popular. A lot of last-minute ticket sales are expected.


The most popular numbers for ticket endings are 5 and 7, and people also seek out tickets which include the number 13. 


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