Following examples for the sake of their health

HEALTH CENTRE: Is left without medical staff when team go out to an emergency.

FOLLOWING the example of a group of people from Estacion de Cartama who protested for an additional doctor, is exactly what a group of locals from Alhaurin el Grande have done after witnessing their success.

They have presented a platform to demand a second emergency doctor for their local health centre. In both cases the emergency department is left unattended when the ambulance has to go out to attend a call.

The Alhaurin group held a protest on Sunday December 13, where they marched through the streets of the town in demand of another doctor. The group said: 


“The 25,000 inhabitants of Alhaurin el Grande have been lacking a second emergency medical team for some time. This means that when the only team there is has to go out to an emergency or take a patient to Malaga, everyone in town is left without medical staff to help them in case of an emergency.”

So far they have gathered more than 5,000 signatures and got all the political groups and local associations involved.


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