Fire prevention for Alcoy national parks

© Raul Soler
FONT ROJA: 2,298 hectares of woodland.

TWO fire hydrants have been installed in the inland Font Roja and Sierra de Mariola national parks.

The hydrants were put in place with the co-operation of landowners as Alcoy City Hall takes preventative measures to combat the ever-present risk of fire in the heavily-wooded parks.   

One of the hydrants is located on the Font Roja perimeter near Les Llacunes road. The Font Roja has until now had only one hydrant as installing more has always posed problems owing to the lack of a water supply network. 


Providing easy access to water will save vital time when firefighters are called in, City Hall pointed out.

The other hydrant has been installed beside the Comellars road on the perimeter of Sierra Mariola near the Font dels Patos but more will be added to both parks as well as other woodland areas inside the Alcoy boundaries.



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