El Gordo could be your lucky number

Doña Manolita: Is famous in Madrid for her winning lottery tickets.

LA LOTERÍA DE NAVIDAD is the Spanish Christmas lottery which will take place next Tuesday (December 22).  

This is the second longest running lottery in the world and has been celebrated in Spain every year since 1812. With the amount available to win, it is considered to be the biggest lottery worldwide.  

With the celebration of the lottery firmly entrenched in everyone’s Christmas list of things to do, so too the watching of the live transmission which kicks off at 8am on Tuesday. The pupils of the San Ildefonso school in Madrid are the ones charged with pulling out the lucky numbers.


Numbers people like to purchase can be combinations of birthdays or wedding anniversaries or maybe just random numbers. People have been known to purchase their lottery ticket in different parts of the country from where they live with past winning sales outlets being popular choices.  Whatever the reason, the five chosen numbers offer the chance of a lifetime and the possibility for dreams to come true.

There are 17 types of prizes to be had in the Christmas lottery, and El Gordo, the fat one, has €4 million available to win.  The lowest amount one can win is €20, known as the refund and this is for the same last digit as the winning number.

Whatever the reason for purchase, the tradition is one not likely to disappear any time soon and if lady luck is looking down on you, don’t forget you can check if yours is a winner at www.laloteriadenavidad.com.


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