Asking price to go up for film studios

CUIDAD DE LA LUZ: Valencian Government wants price to rise to €40-50 million.

THE Valencian Government has asked the European Commission to raise the asking price of the Ciudad de la Luz film studios in Alicante from €19 million to €40-50 million.

An auction is due to take place in the coming months for the complex and in a draft statement about the auction, Valencian President, Ximo Puig, said he “wants to increase the figure to recover investment.”

As well as the cost, the government said essentially they want to ensure a future for the Ciudad de la Luz.


He stressed when he took office it was to be sold for €19 million but wants to increase the price as it originally cost almost €400 million, of which around €200 million is to be paid back in loans.


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