San Fulgencio former mayor gets 17 months in jail

SPORTS RESORT: Development has landed former mayor, councillors and technicians with jail sentences.

FORMER Mayor of San Fulgencio Trinidad Martinez has been found guilty of allowing construction of properties on a plot earmarked for sports. Two other councillors and three technicians have also been found guilty.

Martinez (PSOE) has been sentenced to 17 months in prison for a crime against planning with Jose Mora sentenced to 16 months. Mariano Martin has been given eight months, with Jose Angel Varo and Jose Antonio Bernabeu also receiving eight months and Francisco Ballester four.

The case dates back to 2000 when Johannes Lodewijk Niessen presented a project to the town hall for the construction of sports accommodation on Calle Lisboa and Justo Antonio Quesada in Urbanisation La Marina. It had earlier been declared that the land must have a predominant use “for private installations and sports facilities.” 


However, despite the General Plan stating that so-called sports accommodation was to be a “complementary activity next to the proper use of sports,” town hall officials later signed off the plans, which included the construction of the 110 apartment units over two floors.


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