Pied Piper of Hamelin needed for the bullring

ABANDONED: Benalmadena’s bullring is in a poor state of repair.

THE poor state of Benalmadena’s bullring has once against sparked controversy over the last few weeks due to a plague of rats which has spread as far as the grounds that house the animal shelter Fidelio, a charity which collects and cares for abandoned dogs in the area.

The local Ciudadanos political group has presented a request to the council for something to be done. “It’s a problem the animal charity cannot solve on its own,” said local Ciudadanos leader Bernardo Jimenez.

Fidelio president Helen Williams explained, the problem has become serious as the rats were endangering the health of the dogs and one was even attacked. Also the rats have damaged equipment and dog food. Technicians inspected the area and reported that rats have nested inside the bullring in Benalmadena Pueblo which is almost in ruins.


The Health Department stepped in and has put traps and rat poison down in the area near the animal shelter. A team of three workers from Contraplagas Ambiental pest control inspected the area and have put de-ratting equipment in place. The town hall reported that the bullring has already been fumigated but said that renovations are not planned for the near future as they would be too expensive considering the council has to meet debts of almost €150 million. 

At the beginning of the year local group Vecinos por Benalmadena asked what was going to be done about the abandoned bullring. The former council group renovated the walls and took down signs but went no further.

Over the summer some locals set up a group to demand the bullring – which has been closed since 2011 as it didn’t meet safety regulations – be reopened. The main goal of the group is to find ways to get it up and running. The group suggests using the ring for concerts, equestrian events and other events as well as bullfights.

However, the bullring is not equipped for disabled access and its doors can only guarantee emergency exit for around 500 people, which led the Junta de Andalucia to close it.


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