Illegal Tabarca homes finally demolished

© Photo by Fife, Flickr
TABARCA: The island is now back to its pre-1999 appearance.

WHAT remained of the terrace of six illegal homes on Tabarca Island has been reduced to rubble.

The properties were demolished after the Valencia Region’s Upper Court of Justice (TSJ) ruled that they were illegal. The rubble will now be taken to Santa Pola on the mainland and then to a landfill site inland. 

The owners first applied for planning permission to Alicante City Hall in 1999 and were subsequently given the go-ahead by the regional government. 


The TSJ ruled that the properties infringed the Coastal Law and declared them illegal in 2003. This was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2009 and the owners now want €2.5 million in compensation, arguing that the TSJ decision was against the Generalitat, not themselves. They had purchased the properties with planning permission and certificates of occupancy, they pointed out.


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