Gynaecologist acquitted of all charges in court

COMPLICATIONS: The gynaecologist claims she followed the correct procedure.

ALMERIA Provincial Court has acquitted a gynaecologist accused of manslaughter after the death of a woman at the Poniente Hospital in El Ejido in August 2012.

She had been sentenced for negligent manslaughter by a criminal court in Almeria in March 2014 and told to pay the family almost €500,000 as well as a fine. 

The patient was admitted when she was almost 35 weeks pregnant and the accused doctor was due to assist with the birth. 


After the baby was born, there was a problem with the placenta which had attached to a previous Caesarian scar and had to be removed manually. This caused severe haemorrhaging and she died six hours later. 

The gynaecologist’s defence claimed she acted following procedure established for such cases, but the Public Prosecution and private accusation maintained that she committed severe negligence.


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