Mijas police officers on trial for drug trafficking

PUBLIC PROSECUTOR: Has demanded prison time for five Mijas Local Police officers.

THE Public Prosecutor’s Office has demanded prison time for five Mijas Local Police officers accused of drug trafficking. 

While defence lawyers asked for the annulment of the case because they considered the telephone tapping that led to the arrest of the policemen in 2009 to have violated officers’ rights, Private Prosecutor Alfredo Herrera stayed firm and continued to push for a prison sentence. 

Herrera argued that: “when a public servant is corrupted, it affects the whole system and that is terrifying.” 


Herrera pointed out that the officers were some of the best paid in the country, and went on to add that the Mijas Town Council “didn’t want these people to go back to being police officers.”

The five officers are accused of moving over 160 kilos of hashish, which they used patrol cars to do. 

If convicted, they face a sentence somewhere between four and six years in prison and 20 years disqualification from the police force.


  1. First a question:
    Is this one of those trick situations where one stands to be fined heavily for daring to criticise the Policia if one enters an adverse comment on these ¿noble guardians of the public interest?
    Then a statement:
    Why aren’t the “defence lawyers” now on the charge sheet as well for seeking to aid and abet and protect a bunch of alleged criminals.
    Then a round of applause:
    For Prosecutor Herrera. Well done, Señor.

  2. And another question, I think:
    Why is it necessary to cite “20 years disqualification from the police force” as being one of the dire punishments that will follow from conviction? I would have expected that these five had rendered themselves automatically unemployable as policemen for ever and ever and ever.

  3. In Spain people who are found guilty ‘at least the Spanish’ such as mayors, police, doctors, lawers etc. are always allowed to return to their profession after 2 or 3 years, same old story… it’s not a deterrent when there is no punishment or the punishment is nothing compaired to the crime, Spain is third world in many aspects.


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