34th Las Migas Fair in Torrox a success

LAS MIGAS: Is one of the most important fairs held in Andalucia.

FORTY-FIVE THOUSAND people attended Torrox’s Las Migas Fair on Sunday. It was the 34th edition of the popular event, which revolves around Las Migas, a popular local dish made with semolina wheat flour.

This year, the event was moved forward a week due to the general elections. Many candidates from different parties went to the event, where they took photos and chatted with locals and visitors.

In addition to dining on Las Migas, attendees sampled local salads and wines and enjoyed guided tours and markets featuring home-made products.


Torrox Mayor Oscar Medina expressed his satisfaction with the turnout. He said that this year the fair had seen a 20 per cent rise in attendance compared to last year, and pointed out that the event is an important gastronomic and touristic destination for Andalucia and the south of Europe in general.


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