New poop-powered property

© Photo by Dominic Alves Wikipedia
Earthship: The centre in Brighton is another example of an eco-friendly property.

INNOVATIVE project will fuel an eco-friendly farmhouse

ORGANIC waste will fuel an eco-friendly farmhouse just north of Navarra that will be the first in the world to be entirely self-sufficient on its own waste products. 

An American woman behind innovative start-up ‘PlanetEnergy’ has worked on the project with her Spanish husband and expects their new home to be energy independent by spring 2016. 

Bathroom and kitchen waste will be converted into biogas which will subsequently heat the home and provide hot water and power the stove. To help meet their energy demands, the couple have acquired four horses and will provide plenty of grass to ensure a ready supply of product. 


The property also has solar panels on the roof and a mini-turbine to produce electricity. They have invested €500,000 (£361,000) in the project and hope to recoup a sizeable amount from energy savings in the near future. 

Meghan Sapp also expects the initiative to inspire similar models across the world and is proposing plans for an eco-village that follows the same poop-powered principles. 



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