Britains’ oldest dog – Happy 26th birthday Jack!


A YORKSHIRE terrier celebrating his 26th birthday yesterday December 16 has been acclaimed as Britains’ oldest dog. 

Jack, a long time resident of Hartlepool, is 117 in dog years and might well be one of the oldest dogs ever to have lived. Should his age be proven, he’ll sweep into the Guinness Book of Records at number 8 and is still going strong according to guardian Ray Bunn who adopted a middle-aged Jack 16 years ago. 

“He has done so well. He is getting on a bit now and sleeps a lot, but other that that he is doing brilliantly.” Ray said. 


“We go caravanning in the summer and he comes with us. He just goes waltzing in and out and everyone loves him to bits. He’s so cheeky.”

“We have got to watch him with the stairs now, because he has arthritis, but I carry him like a baby so he doesn’t fall. Apart from that, he’s no bother.”

An Australian cattle dog, who went by the name Bluey, was the oldest of his kind ever to have been recorded, reaching an epic 29 years and five months before vets decided to call it a day. 

Here’s wishing Jack a very happy birthday and many happy returns.




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