French teacher lied about attack

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UPDATE: A FRENCH teacher who sparked a manhunt across a Paris suburb after alleging that a Daesh inspired attacker had stabbed him in his classroom has admitted that he lied. 

The 45-year-old preschool teacher had yesterday claimed that a man wearing a balaclava and gloves had shouted Daesh related slogans after breaking into his Aubervilliers classroom where the teacher was alone.

Prosecutors are now seeking to determine why the man made the story up, which led to the opening of an anti-terrorism investigation, the cancelling of classes, and the visit of Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem to the scene. 


A BALACLAVA clad man ran into a school in a Paris suburb and attacked a teacher with scissors or box-cutters shouting “It’s Daesh. It’s a warning”, before fleeing the scene.

The teacher was alone in the classroom and suffered wounds to the side and neck but the injuries are not life-threatening.

According to police reports the attack took place at approximately 7.30am local time in the Jean-Perrin d’Aubervilliers school just outside the French capital. The town has a rough population of 80,000 people with a large immigrant community from North Africa. Police are searching for the man, whilst the anti-terrorism unit has opened an investigation. 

Security at schools across France has been strengthened in the wake of November’s massacre in Paris which saw 130 people slaughtered. 

Only last week Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said “All public places must be protected, particularly schools.”

Daesh has a French-language magazine which has recently called for the targeting of teachers as punishment for teaching secularism. 


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