Christmas past and presents, has all the excitement gone?

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PRESENTS: With the advent of new technologies, traditional gifts have disappeared.

Santa’s days are surely numbered as Operation Yule Tree closes in

It’s that time of year again when the fat man with the flowing white beard and rosy cheeks is greasing up the blades of his sleigh and putting his production staff on maximum overtime in readiness for another hectic Christmas Eve delivery.

But with the advent of Xboxes, iPads and Smart Phones, all the romance and excitement with the traditional opening of prezzies like M&S sweaters, smelly bath stuff and Black Magic under the tree on Christmas morning has almost disappeared.  

Who actually puts out a pillow case any more? And in these times of political correctness, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts asking questions about a bloke who shacks up with a regiment of male dwarves for 12 months a year. 


Santa’s days are surely numbered as Operation Yule Tree closes in. 

Presents are an increasing problem. The lessening choice of what to buy each other becomes commensurate with the advancement of years, and at the risk of using a well worn aphorism, just what do you buy someone who has everything? 

The problem is compounded when I am also told, ‘don’t buy me chocolate, I need to lose some weight.’  

This limits things considerably, but I’m sorry, Princess, you gave away your real intentions when you told me to hide my own stash of chocolate so that you would not be tempted, then proceeded to tell me exactly where that hiding place should be. 

 One thing that is noticeable in Spain is the laid- back atmosphere in the supermarkets at this time of year. Visit a Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s or any of the other big stores in the UK right now, and it will be a madhouse of spending.  

Even on Christmas Eve, when occasionally I have needed to drop in to Dialprix for some last minute cooking sherry, it has never been anything other than business as usual. 


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