Short sprints can be just as beneficial as long jogs

SPRINTING: People doing a high-intensity regime are more likely to stick to it.

SPRINTING for just a few minutes can be just as beneficial as regular jogging. Researchers claim that experiments showed intense running for less than five minutes was just as beneficial for the heart and metabolism as 45 minutes of slower, longer, jogging sessions.

It led to a loss of fat around the waist, improvements in psychological well-being and increased sensitivity to insulin, the hormone that breaks down the sugar in our blood. 

Researchers, who divided a group of 90 people into two groups with one doing a moderate-intensity programme, and the other a high-intensity regime, also found that people carrying out a high-intensity exercise regime were more likely to stick to it than people doing a moderate-intensity regime, as they could often fit in shorter more intense bursts of exercise than find time for a 45-minute jog.



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