Benidorm has high rate of tourist loyalty

MAYOR: Toni Perez said the study helps them understand the visitor’s perception of Benidorm.

this summer Benidorm has achieved the highest rate of tourist loyalty for the past 18 years, according to the study on travel behaviour, opinions and evaluation of tourism which has been presented to Mayor Toni Perez, and sociologist Jose Antonio Nunez Cela. 

The study was based on 1,270 surveys conducted between July and September by the Department of Tourism, and is included in the project SICTED for the Ministry of Tourism.

Of the participants, 77.6 per cent were repeat visitors to Benidorm, with 91.7 per cent of respondents intending on returning, a point that the mayor says reflects the strength of the destination.


Perez also stresses that the survey helps them understand the perception that visitors hold of Benidorm, enabling them to promote measures that ensure Benidorm is more competitive, and optimise the performance of the municipal tourism office.

It also allows them to analyse how tourists arrive to Benidorm, either via air transport or car, whether they share their holidays with a partner or family, how they go about organising their holiday, and the types of accommodation they use. 

The municipal sociologist stressed that compared to previous surveys, 2015 reveals substantial differences in the organisation of the holiday, as a growing number of tourists hire autonomously, with many turning to the internet as a source of information. 

More than half of the respondents (56.4 per cent) used the internet to organise their holiday, especially Spanish tourists.

Nunez Cela stressed that overall there was a very positive assessment made by tourists on Benidorm and its offering, with 90.7 per cent indicating a positive outlook. The best-rated elements were the hospitality and treatment received, which was valued as good or very good by 98.89 per cent of those surveyed. 

Accommodation achieved a 97.79 per cent positive rating, and beaches received 97.54 per cent. In addition, 95.72 per cent rated the level of security as positive in the municipality. The only element that was not valued well was the ease of parking, with only 41.31 per cent saying it was positive.

Reasons why people travel to Benidorm were recorded as 21.06 per cent for the beaches, 20.01 per cent for the overall touristic offering, 18.78 per cent for the climate, 17.65 per cent for the environment and the remaining 22.5 per cent for other reasons.



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