Christmas lights damage Denia trees

DECORATIONS: Should not damage the plane trees.

PLANE trees in Denia’s Calle Marques de Campo have been festooned with cables for Christmas illuminations.

Town hall operatives have also fixed wires to some tree trunks in order to attach the cables in a practice carried out each year.

“This is totally prohibited by municipal bylaws,” said Denia’s Environment councillor Josep Crespo.  He was unaware that cables had been fixed to the trees and intended to take steps to reverse the situation, he added.


The Marques de Campo’s officially protected plane trees and others in Denia should always be left free of all placards, posters, cables and ropes, all of which are detrimental to their growth.  

Infringing local regulations could earn those responsible a fine of up to €18,000.



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