Velez-Malaga eyes new tram model

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A COMMITTEE has been established in Velez-Malaga to come up with a new tram model for the town. Until three years ago the town had a tram system, and the committee is trying to work out how they can bring back the tram and make it better.

The committee has drawn inspiration from the tram system in Lisbon, which has smaller, cheaper units. The Lisbon tram also makes frequent stops, unlike the old Velez-Malaga tram system, which occasionally had passengers waiting up to an hour.

The committee has been given three months to draw up its conclusions.


  1. As a last resort, smaller cheaper trams could be an idea, but more stops would increase the journey time.
    Sadly the tram concept was a good idea but the initial design study as to where the trams should go was totally floored as the route only ended up where the local buses went. A greater investment should have been made to have had 2 routes, one going to Torrox via Torre and the other going to Rincon via Torre. I lived in Croydon UK during which time they introduced a tram system which spread out well beyond Croydon and it has become a tremendous success.


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