Susana Diaz looking for socialist votes

SUSANA DIAZ: Attended a political meeting for the Socialist Party.

THE President of the Junta de Andalucia, Susana Diaz, attended a political meeting for the Socialist Party (PSOE) in Cuevas del Almanzora. 

Diaz, also the Secretary General for the party in Andalucia, asked whoever “believes in equal opportunities” to vote for the PSOE candidate for Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, in the upcoming general elections.

She was accompanied by the number one Socialist candidate for Parliament from Almeria, Sonia Ferrer; the Secretary General for PSOE in Almeria, Jose Luis Sanchez, and the socialist mayor of the town, Antonio Fernandez, at a meeting attended by around 1,400 people. 



  1. Lets hope she doesn’t get them, what we don’t need in Andalucia is more out of dated politics, we don’t need the PP either as they have shown they are not the people to sort things out here either so lets hope we get a new set of politicians who hopefully have a bit more clue about what they are doing… but then I am not holding my breath on that!


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