Murcians spend less per person on food

Photo by Anthony Albright, Flickr.
FOOD SPENDS: Murcians spend less than the Spanish average on food per person per year.

CITIZENS in the Murcia Region spend €217 less than the average on food per person per year.

Murcians spend an average of €1,265.10 each per year on food, compared to the national average of €1,482, according to the latest report of the Food Consumption in Spain published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Those who spend the most on food are, in particular, the Basques with €1,830.30; followed by the Catalans with €1,743 and La Rioja with €1,674.80. 


Those in the Valencia Region spend an average of €1,418.50.

The report also studied food and shopping habits in the home with supermarkets still being the main form of purchase at 43 per cent, with internet shopping accounting for 0.6 per cent.

Of those questioned, 75 per cent said they looked for promotions when purchasing.



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