Madrid car gang caught in Alicante

PROFESSIONAL: Lock extractor used in attempted theft of BMW.

FIVE suspected members of an organised gang dedicated to the theft of luxury vehicles have been arrested.

The gang are believed to be operating from Madrid, but were caught in Alicante Province after attempting to steal a BMW from El Campello. The arrests came after a resident called the police alerting them to suspicious behaviour.

Officers arrived and succeeded in detaining the suspects after finding them trying to steal the vehicle, which had already been broken into. The gang was also proceeding to encode a master key in order to deactivate the anti-theft     immobiliser.


Further searches led police to finding various items used for breaking into vehicles such as decoder chips and lock extractors, which allow them to break in without doing any damage so the car can be sold on the black market.

The gang has appeared in Alicante Court. One of those arrested had a criminal record for over 100 offences.

Police said the public’s co-operation and observation had helped them thwart this robbery attempt.


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