Campaign for oral hygiene awareness

Tomorrow's strike will affect 1.4 million school children across Andalusia.

A CAMPAIGN has been carried out in Huercal-Overa to encourage children to brush their teeth.

The Odontological Innovation Centre SOL and the local town hall have collaborated as part of the local health plan to promote oral hygiene and health. 

Activities have been held at local schools to raise awareness about the importance of brushing teeth to avoid oral diseases. 


The Councillor for Education, Belen Martinez, took part in one of the events at the Nieva school to see how interested children are in the matter. 

She said it was very important to continue working in this manner to make children see that going to the dentist is nothing for them to be afraid of. 

This is part of the ‘11 months, 11 cases’ programme launched by the town hall, which is dealing with proposals made to the town hall and other local social institutions month by month. 

The SOL centre has created a clown to welcome children and lessen their fear.


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