Two dead in car bombing of Spanish Embassy in Kabul

Spanish Embassy in Kabul

A BOMB attack on the Spanish Embassy in Kabul has left at least two people dead and another injured at around 6pm local time (2.30pm Spanish time) on Friday December 11, 

Initial reports from the Afghan capital via Reuters say that at least three insurgents were involved in the attack, where on at least two people died and another Spanish police officer was injured.

The Spanish Embassy in Kabul would appear to have been the target the terrorist attack on Friday, the Foreign Ministry has confirmed. A police source quoted by Reuters said that the Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack and said that a guest house was the target.


Chief Homayoon Aini of the  Afghan Interior Ministry’s emergency service said,“After an explosion in a car, some terrorists entered a guest house close to the Spanish Embassy. Special Forces have arrived at the scene and the area has been cordoned off.”

The attack occurred in the Sherpor area of the city, where many embassies and government buildings are situated, and wherethe Spanish Embassy is typically protected by National Police.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has been informed of the situation and is due to give a statement on the incident, according to officials.


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