ReWilding with Earth Strength

Photo courtesy of HM Government of Gibraltar
Members of the youth clubs in Facinas.

APART from areas in the Alameda Gardens, there isn’t anywhere that could reasonably be describe as a true wilderness in Gibraltar so on December 6, the Laguna and Plater Youth Clubs joined forces and spent an exciting day exploring the wilderness and learning about bush craft and survival skills with the Earth Strength organisation in Facinas, Spain as part of a rewilding exercise.

The day gave young people the opportunity to walk through the wilderness, know how to make a shelter, find firewood, learn about wildlife and discover wild edible and medicinal foods as well as identify those that are poisonous.

According to the Gibraltar Youth Service, at times the group was challenged by the natural environment but with their natural curiosity and sense of adventure the young people were able to overcome this, and by the end of the day they were able to move around with confidence and a sense of capability.



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