Movistar falter as Spanish telecom companies ranked on speed

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MOVISTAR has come out bottom of the list after online streaming content provider Netflix released its broadband speed ranking of Spanish telecoms companies. Positions are based on the speeds available to users who connect to the entertainment service during the prime time hours of 8pm to 11pm.

The telecoms company, which is owned by Spanish giant Telefonica, has admitted there are problems with its service, estimated at a speed of 2.15 Mbps (megabits per second). 

In contrast Euskaltel in the Basque Country carried a speed of 4.15 Mbps, whilst ONO-Vodafone and Orange carried 3.85 Mbps and 3.72 Mbps respectively.


Movistar’s ranking makes it the fourth worst performer in Europe according to Netflix, who said that problems encountered by lower speeds include “poorer image quality” and “slower video starts”.

Telefonica claims that its own service provides an average download speed of between 8 and 11Mbps and released a statement saying it “complies with interconnection recommendations and rules issued by authorities and regulators.”

Netflix is a subscription based supplier of online media and arrived in Spain on October 20, having spread like wild-fire across the Anglophone world and Japan. Almost 70 million people subscribe to its services worldwide and it spent several months negotiating co-operation with Telefonica before its Spanish debut.


  1. Spain has the worst internet speeds in Europe. It is so far behind the rest of Europe that it’s enough to make a grown man cry! Even Romania has speeds around 100mbs while the most we can get in Marbella is 4.6-5.00mbs. Also, it sometimes takes weeks for them to send round a technician to fix a phone problem.

    Telefonica are a total waste of space who do nothing for their Spanish clients at all.

    They are far more active in South America and the West Indies than here, as evidenced by the fact that even little Guatemala gets 100mbs through fibre-optic internet. Here we don’t even have fibre-optics.

    Telefonica needs a massive shake-up to get them doing their job properly. Why the Spanish people put up with them is beyond comprehension.

  2. The company board consists of Spanish politicians as do most of the large companies in Spain, that way they can get away with offering a poor service and treat the consumer as trash, all they do is pay the politicians on the board and they make sure the pressure is kept off.


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