Man killed in Poundland store in Oxfordshire

© James W Copeland - Shutterstock.

POLICE in Abingdon, Oxfordshire arrested a 36-year-old local man on suspicion of murder as he was seen entering Poundland in Bury Street on December 7 armed with a number of knives, with the result that a customer was stabbed to death and another was slightly injured.

Witnesses saw the assailant who was apparently disturbed and shouting almost incoherently enter the store and then rush out when police arrived, and after being was tasered he was arrested, secured and removed from the scene.

The chief executive of Poundland Jim McCarthy is reported to have said: “Our sympathy and thoughts centre on the family of the deceased and of course with other customers and colleagues who were in the store at the time of this terrible incident.”


Police have indicated that they do not consider this to be a terrorist incident.



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